Welcome To Ritual and Rosehip!

Through my tarot readings I aim to inspire and empower you. To add more magic, more serendipitous flow, more love and more ritual to your everyday life. To provide clarity around confusing or overwhelming situations.

I view the tarot as a mirror. It gives us the opportunity to examine ourselves and our choices, helping guide us in the process to the best possible path, or course of action.

 It can help you to prepare yourself for the inevitable bumps along the road and lift your spirits.

It is a tool to help connect with your spirit guides, the universe, your angels, your own intuition (whichever you prefer to call it).

It reflects your current energy flow into the universe and reflects back the current situation, the past influences and its future course. You, as the author of your own story always have the power. The power to shape your life as you see fit never leaves you. The power to change the outcome and influence the outcome through thought and action is always available to you.

Tarot is an extremely helpful tool in guiding your intentions and helping to illuminate your path.

I have been reading tarot for ten years and love nothing more then meeting and reading for new people. My readings are done via phone or Skype and if just so happen to live in Vancouver, B.C or New Westminster, B.C, I do in person readings as well.

Tarot sessions are 30 minutes long and cost $50.00 cnd. There is no limit to how many cards are pulled. I prefer to read in a very organic / intuitive way. Spreads will be set up to reflect your particular situation and personalized to your questions.

Interested in booking a reading, or have any questions around setting up an appointment feel free to get in touch here.

Best Wishes + Lots Of Love,


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